Dale Manor Powell River Recovery Centre


Frequently Asked Questions

Is someone on site at all times?
Yes, there is someone available for emergencies 24 hours a day .

Is there any funding to help cover the costs?
Yes, the SAFER (Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters) program helps make rents affordable for BC Seniors with low to moderate incomes.  SAFER provides monthly cash payments to subsidize rents for eligible BC residents who are 60 or over and who pay rent for their homes. 
More information can be found at:  http://bchousing.org/Initiatives/Providing/SAFER

What are the visiting hours?
This is home, respectful hours.

Can we bring pets to visit?
Yes, we love pets, on a leash of course to ensure safety for all.  

May we have a meal with our loved ones?
Please do join residents for meals.  We have a small fee, but well worth the time spent.  Calling ahead is required.  Special Occasion meals will be times that we can share mealtimes without costs, i.e. birthdays.

What type of transportation is available?
There is the HandyDart program and the Taxis.  Also, there is a transit stop off the property and down a half block.  Program local excursion transportation will be provided.